Wild League (2019)

Drama / History • 111 minutes
Starring: Vladimir Yaglych Adelina Golubenko-Gizatullina Ivan Okhlobystin Dmitri Nazarov Evgeny Koryakovsky Olesya Sudzilovskaya Adrian Paul William Shockley and others.
Director: Andrey Bogatyrev Art Camacho Screenplay: Dmitry Minchenok Igor Dobrovolsky Roman Vladykin Director of Photography: Ken Blakey Vyacheslav Krasakov Producer: Igor Dobrovolsky Original Music Composer: Sean Murray
Released • October 24, 2019

Based upon the real-life events of the 1910s, this extremely topical story is about a guy from the lowest social strata, who, in order to be with his beloved woman, had to leave his native land and to start his life anew in Moscow. Proved himself in a battle, he was noticed by the Englishman owning a closed soccer club, who invited him to try his hand at his team. However, soccer is an aristocratic game and the team didn't accept a barge-hauler from the Volga. Therefore, he gathered his courage, found the right people, with whom they created the Wild League consisted of street…